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I’m very excited about a new survey which we will formally launch at the Health for All Family Health Team (FHT). We hope (eventually) to administer the survey to all patients who are registered with Health for All. (Patients may decline to participate.) It has been a dream of mine for over 2 years to conduct an ethnolinguistic survey of our patients.

This is a patient survey to study the demographic profile of the FHT. This information is important to better understand the ethno-linguistic makeup of our patient population. Data will be analyzed to determine the demographic profile of the practice. Some of the areas of interest will include:

  1. Language: the linguistic background and preferences of patients
  2. Geography: the proportion of newcomers to Canada and an indication of their country of origin
  3. Ethnicity: ethnic background of patients in the practice

A better understanding of the demographic profile is expected to help to:

  1. Improve the quality of health care provided at the FHT through the provision of services and staff to support care that is culturally and linguistically appropriate
  2. Improve the training of the Family Medicine residents and inter-professional staff of the academic FHT by building the understanding of the nature of our defined patient population
  3. Provide a base for further research related to the ethno-cultural determinants of health

I hope the survey will help us fulfill one of the cornerstones of our mission. In addition to providing excellent primary care and an innovative educational program, we aim to demonstrate commitment to our mandate and mantra: Health for All. Our mission statement words it this way: “We affirm health as a fundamental human right. We celebrate our community for its remarkable cultural diversity. We will provide excellent primary care in a spirit of global solidarity that recognizes and respects our common humanity and socio-cultural backgrounds in addressing all interconnected determinants of health.”

I can hardly wait to finish the survey so we can better understand the patient population we serve!


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