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My personal blog post today is brief and I will direct you instead to the Give a Day website to read my thoughts there marking World AIDS Day 2012.

What is the Give a Day movement all about? Here it is in a nutshell…

In response to HIV in the world, we challenge all Canadians to recognize World AIDS Day, December 1, by giving one day’s pay to an organization that will use the money effectively – to work toward a world without AIDS.

On the Give a Day website, you’ll read that my theme for this year’s World AIDS Day is this: I won’t give up! The theme is inspired by the Jason Mraz song which you can enjoy in the music video below. The song was not written about HIV, but it makes me think of those who are affected by HIV. And in the context of the HIV pandemic, the song inspires me to persevere. This has been a very difficult week for those in Canada who care about HIV in the world. We have encountered a serious setback with a shocking lack of compassion on the part of national policy-makers regarding the opportunity to supply affordable generic anti-retroviral medication to those in need. But we must not abandon our efforts to halt this pandemic. There is so much at stake. There is so much to be done. There is so much each of us can do.

So please enjoy the video below, then click on over to the Give a Day website. I hope this year, you will recognize World AIDS Day in a practical way.

Please don’t give up. Please Give a Day!

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  1. QueenEsther

    Dec 01, 2012  at 2:59 PM

    This is quite inspirational. Personally, I was touched and moved since 2010 in a whole new way. I have cared for patients with HIV but I see it in a whole new light now. This time I am touched in the depth of my soul. There is no giving up especially seeing new cases among the aboriginals in Canada and Africa. It saddens me each time I remember and realize that the new cases are among youths who did not live during the active HIV/AIDS pandemic. My heart weeps knowing that most youths in Nigeria still do not believe that it is real.


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