Jane Philpott University of Toronto MPH Graduation Day

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On the occasion of my graduation this week as a Master of Public Health, it is time to start a new season and a new challenge. I’m starting a personal blog.

What are my blogging objectives?

  1. Discipline – This will force me to put some thoughts “on paper”. I will try to be honest, fair and courageous in what I write.
  2. Sharing – My favourite thing about the web is the way it is a tool for sharing resources. I get to learn so many fabulous ideas every day this will be my place to share them.
  3. Growth – Hopefully I’ll get some feedback about some of these ideas. When people respond with criticism or challenge, I hope my ideas will grow, adapt and increase their potential for positive impact on the world.

What shall I propose for my blogging themes?

  1. Family Medicine
  2. Medical Education
  3. Health Equity
  4. Social Determinants of Health
  5. Policy and Politics
  6. Family

I know my objectives and themes will grow in number and change with time – let’s consider this a “working draft” of my blog objectives and themes. Much more to follow!


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